Myths of Choice

why people won't change and what you can do about it

Author: Psychologist Clare Mann

Are You

"Clare lifts the veils of denial, endemic in our culture, you can explore the paradox of our human condition, through self-inquiry, your eyes open wider, crafted mindfully by yourself."
Marilyn Kroplick, MD.
Psychiatrist and President of In Defense of Animals
This book takes an in-depth look at the real reasons people resist change. Through the use of ‘myths,’ author Clare Mann takes the reader step-by-step through a practical understanding of existential psychology, empowering them to identify misplaced beliefs in their own life and to recognise these inbuilt restrictions in others’ lives.

This book will:


why people cling to their existing beliefs so strongly.


influences that make people resist change.


how myths influence conformity and defensiveness.


why “shooting the messenger” is the first line of attack.


a simple toolbox to help people understand they are stuck.


you on how to help people change and live purposefully.

What are Social Myths?

The 8 Myths that keep people conforming and resisting change that would benefit them:


You’re not good enough as you are, or, fitting in with others’ expectations will bring you happiness.


It is better to be part of a group than to be an individual.


You should follow a moral code decreed by others.


You are selfish if you put your own needs before those of others.


It is preferable to be discreet, modest, or embroider the truth in our interactions with others rather than be ourselves.


There is an enduring rightness in our decisions that lead us to a point beyond which we don’t need to look any further


You are fixed and certain in your being and earlier choices negate future change.


It is impossible to change certain things in our lives once we have committed to them.

"The perfect companion to Clare Mann’s seminal book, Vystopia.
Once again Clare has lifted the veil on why people behave the way they do – in this case why we resist change – and provides social justice advocates with simple yet powerful strategies to shatter the beliefs we hold about ourselves and our lives and to help others do the same. The insights and tools she shares are a valuable gift to activists in their quest to create a kinder world.”
Journalist, Author, Founder of Vegan Business Media


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