Why it’s a Myth that you can’t change

Why it’s a Myth that you can’t change

Are you denying your freedom when you believe your particular life circumstances mean you can’t change?


Every week millions of people buy a lottery ticket, believing that if they won a million dollars they could make all the changes to their lives they so desire.  Every week, millions of people are disappointed and point to the lack of resources for their predicament. They deny the possibility of radical change, believing that this is only possible if somehow they could shed their debts, their work and commitments. Additionally, a significant percentage of winners find themselves back in the same financial position they were in a few years down the line.     Why do so many people relegate responsibility for not changing to outside forces, pressures and circumstances?

Isn’t it bewildering that, despite the myriad of changes we witness and are subject to over the course of our lives, that we find it so difficult to believe we can make change for the better in our lives?  In many ways, it is a myth that you can’t change.  Even if you don’t knowingly make changes in your life, changes will inevitably occur, requiring modifications to be made.  Why wait for pressures or other people’s plans to initiate change in your life?  You have unique abilities, talents, dreams and ideals.  The biggest issue is getting in touch with how you want to use them.  You can increase your income, get out of debt, reduce your working hours or have more satisfying relationships.  However, they just don’t arrive one day.  You are the author of your life and if you want to change in a meaningful and informed manner, there is always a way.  However, there is always a price.   Are you prepared to pay the price?

As yourself the question, ‘What if I won a million dollars?’  Your answer may provide you with valuable insight into the dreams and desires you have which you only uncover in the belief that they are not attainable because you don’t have a million dollars!  Considering this question encourages you to think very carefully about what you really want and whether you are avoiding hearing it because you believe it is only attainable if there were a miracle.

Self-Reflection Exercise

Think of how you avoid making changes to your life because you don’t yet have the ideal circumstances.  Write down as much information as possible, outlining the underlying anxiety that arises when you consider making changes without those optimum circumstances.

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