Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss is cited as a key goal by huge numbers of individuals in the developed world.  It seems ludicrous that, despite more opportunities to create lifestyles of satisfaction and abundance, many people, (a large number of them women) are stuck in trying to reduce their appetites and waist lines – even resorting to weight loss pills.  What are the myths surrounding weight loss?  Isn’t it strange that people who focus on weight loss, calorie recution or diets, are the ones who lose and gain weight in a yo-yo cycle? Those who have a healthy relationship with their bodies, listen to their appetites and need for nourishment in ways beyond food alone, are those who more easily create more balance in all areas of their lives, including their weight.

Start asking diffferent questions about what your appetite means and you will find different answers.  What if it was a myth that calorie input and energy output tradoffs are the only contributing factors to maintaining a healthy weight and ralationship with your body?  A more holistic approach to understanding our bodies might throw light on this intimate connection between nourishing our bodies, minds and souls – and we will see results in living more satisfying lives.

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