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Relationship Counselling from an Existential Perspective

Relationship counseling helps individuals understand themselves and their relationships better. Socially, a relationship is typically considered to be that between two individuals who are intimately and psychologically connected as a ‘we’. Social and cultural expectations of what it is to be a ‘we’ are seen existentially as social limits to choice within relationship. These expectations are effectively myths – unquestioned assumptions of how we should, ought or must be in this thing we call ‘relationship’.

Relationship Counselling from an existential perspective encourages the couple or ‘we’ to put aside traditional notions of how they should think, feel and behave. Instead, it encourages them to examine how they are in relationship to their partner and their unique experiences of their created co-construction called ‘their relationship’. A shift from the word ‘relationship’ to ‘relating’ allows for dynamic, self-chosen ways of relating to another and opens up pathways to expand our ways of creating this potentially rewarding dimension to our existence through ‘relationship’.

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