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The Myth Surrounding New Year

For many people, the 31st December marks the end of the one year and the ushering in of a new one. Excitement looms, largely due to the collective excitement of people around us. Yet when we look more closely at what the New Year really is, it is a social and cultural construct hoodwinking us into believing there is an objective entity called New Year.

The reality is that it does not exist objectively but through the individual and collective consensual creations of our perceptions. As with all co-created elements of which the human is part, we have the opportunity to choose how we create that reality through the lens of our own perception.

This year, take full responsibility for creating your life meaningfully and purposefully, fully mindful of ways in which you relinquish responsibility for your life by blindly adhering to social and cultural constructs. Your life will be richer better when you own 100% responsibility for all your experiences.

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