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Freedom? Choice or Slavery?

I was listening to a radio program in Sydney and a campaign was being discussed on abolishing modern day slavery.  Whilst not underestimating the importance of this endeavour, it immediately made me think about the ubiquitous nature of slavery in the modern world – much of which goes undetected.

‘Slavery’ implies the violent force upon another to act against their wishes.  Despite much rhetoric about about choice and freedom to act, where in our lives are we no more than slaves because we act in ways that seem automatic or chosen within narrow constraints, beyond which options are not considered?

From this respect, what might you be a slave to?

  • Consumerism?
  • Conformity?
  • The Pursuit of Freedom?

By just asking the question, you allow yourself to look beyond narrowly defined ways of thinking and become the ‘witness’ of your behaviour.  Living ‘in the question’ allows you to see with new eyes and live with more purpose and meaning – just be cautious that you don’t become a slave to the pursuit of this new way of seeing!

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