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Existentialism articles and existential philosophy applied to everyday life. Click on title of each existential article to view complete article.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – often shortened to CBT, is a directive form of counselling and psychological therapy that focuses on understanding how our thoughts affect our behaviour.  It is based on the belief that feelings result from our thoughts and if dysfunctional or negative, result in conditions like anxiety, depression and related self-destructive action behaviour…. read more

Dare to Be True We all want to be happier, healthier and gain a greater sense of wellbeing. Yet how do we achieve this in our busy lives whilst other people have so many expectations of us and we are bombarded with so much advice on how to live? read more
The Myth of Money as an Indicator of Existential Worth

What factors influence an individual deciding whether or not to make a major life transition? The following example highlights ways in which we may become hoodwinked into believing we have little choice because a monetary value placed on options interferes with our real feelings of worth… read more

Existential Realities of Emigration

Emigrating to another country offers, for many, a wonderful opportunity. It can be matched by excitement and anticipation of new beginnings and yet once the practicalities of an international move are complete and you have arrived to begin your new life, there are often unexpected emotional and psychological responses that can primarily be explained in existential terms… read more

Dispelling the Myth of Limitation and Living On Purpose?

Everywhere we are bombarded with information about how to have the life of our dreams. Switch on the television and you will see make-overs of your body, wardrobe, décor, garden and ultimately your life. But how permanent is the initial flurry of excitement or positive well-being that results from such cosmetic changes?… read more

Scientific Psychology considers human existence to be subject to laws similar to those of the natural world. From this perspective, personality comprises a relatively stable set of variables which change little over the lifespan. This positive approach pervades much of our thinking and results in individual and collective attempts to understand why people do certain things or behave in certain ways. Pick up any book or magazine article and it will become clear that searching for definitive answers to understand questions of human psychology pervade everyday experience… read more

I recently watched the movie ‘Derailed’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. This thriller raises questions about morality, infidelity deceit and the cost of engaging in the forbidden. However, the movie also raises the issue regarding the lengths people will go to avoid ‘showing up’ in ways other than those consistent with unquestioned assumptions as to how they should be… read more

There are many experiences in life, which remind us that change is an inevitable part of living. We then have to choose to either to resist this process or look for new ways of finding meaning in our lives. Losing a loved one to homicide is one of those changes that throw our lives into chaos and disarray. We are forced to see our world very differently, knowing that things will never be the same again. Our loss involves substantial change in every aspect of our lives… read more

My journey to becoming a therapist began with a desire to develop greater significance in my life and improve the quality of my relationships. Having worked as an organisational psychologist for many years, my work increasingly involved coaching senior managers in the art of managing their organisations. These sessions revealed that, contrary to my expectations, the help they required was related to more personal aspects of their lives outside of work… read more
Is there not a danger that if we try to capture the interest of layperson in creative or novel ways, we might be accused of being gimmicky or cheap? If we tried to raise the layman’s interest through catchy PR phrases, might this not be seen as cheap salesmanship? However, not to make our message attractive and appropriate to different markets, might mean that the message does not reach them at all… read more

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