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Myth of Debt and the opportuntiy to embrace uncertainty

Myth of Debt and the opportuntiy to embrace uncertainty

Debt often poses enormous challenges for many people and the experience of dwindling finances and the threat of bankruptcy or poverty has far-reaching implications for relationships, self-identity, safety and psychological wellbeing.  The experience of debt becomes crystallised into a fixed reality with cries of ‘I used to have a life; I can’t start living until I payoff  my debts’. This is a myth.

You are always alive; it is just that the experience of fear, panic, and spiralling out of control, present a different experience of Being.  Imagine learning today that you have won $1 million.  Imagine holding the cheque in your hands – how would you feel? It is likely that your sense of beng would become different but what exactly would have changed?  What would have changed is your direct link with the expansion of possibilities that exist which, prior to receiving the cheque, were not in your awareness.  It didn’t mean that the possibilities didn’t exist before receiving the cheque – even with the increased wealth, they remain possibilities until you act of them.

Debt offers us the experience, albeit uncomfortable, to access possibilities that apppear difficult to encounter and access fully until the perceptual shift in abundance or poverty are experienced directly.  This is another example of how we co-construct our experience and come to know ourselves.

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