Clare-MannClare Mann is an Existential Psychotherapist, registered psychologist and author located in Sydney. Over the past 20 years, Clare has worked as an occupational psychologist, university academic and communications/leadership trainer. During this time, she was always interested in personal change and met clients and colleagues for whom freedom was just a word. She found people who wanted to change their lives and workplaces but who kept continuing patterns that were either self-destructive or limiting. Disillusioned with socially defined expectations and goals, those people repeatedly asked “Why aren’t I happy? I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I have the career, the car, the salary but my life just isn’t satisfying and I don’t seem to have any real purpose”.

Through her work as an organisational psychologist, she met many people for whom freedom was just a word. Her work took her to over fifteen different countries, and she experienced first hand the exhaustion that is part of the corporate career. She realised that instead of exercising her choices, she had ironically relinquished her own freedom and was driven by others’ demands (and expectations of what success means) rather than her own. Burnt-out and disillusioned, she took time out to re-evaluate her life and make some big changes.
She met many people who asked ‘’I have achieved so much and yet don’t feel satisfied. Surely there is more?’ She began to seek answers to those questions so commonly asked and in the process, trained as an existential psychotherapist. She now integrates psychology, existential psychotherapy and personal leadership to help people create rich and meaningful lives. Clare believes everyone is the best judge of what is right for them. However, most of us live our lives according to other people’s expectations, believing it will bring us happiness. For many it might. For most of us, being influenced by the rules, expectations and pressures of others who have chosen a similar path before, only brings more unhappiness. We choose within the narrow dictates of myths – unquestioned assumptions that arise out of our cultural and social context. We never really get in touch with our real freedom – the freedom to choose the life we want to live. It is only by examining the role that Myths play in our life, that we can re-evaluate our choices to date and choose more meaningfully who we want to be NOW.
Clare has numerous programs to get people to engage with their freedom and potential including a transformational 16-month Communicate Accountability Program (CAS). She has published books, journal articles and speaks regularly on choice, personal responsibility, ethical leadership and communication. She runs a private practice in Sydney where she sees clients 1:1 as well as working with them on Skype.

By working closely with clients within a counselling relationship, she helps them examine problems within the wider context of finding purpose and meaning. She has the extraordinary ability to work sensitively with individuals experiencing anxiety, behavioural disorder, depression and relationship difficulties, believing that meanings behind symptoms are existential in nature. Once the real reasons behind symptoms are identified, individuals become empowered to embrace choices they often believe are unavailable.
Clare offers existential psychotherapy to those individuals who want to examine their live choices and create a life that has purpose and vitality. She also integrates existential methodology into her psychological counselling and sees clients under Medicare. She is skilled in dispelling the myths that limit people in their lives and work so they can create and satisfying lives, which align with their values and purpose. She see clients face to face in central Sydney and is also able to work with clients on the phone or on Skype but prefers some initial sessions to be face to face before continuing with Skype. However, this is not essential.
Clare offers a 20 min free phone consultation with all clients to explore the best approach for them. Contact her on 1300 788 031 (local call in Australia) or via email to make a time.
Her publications include:

  • The Myths of Life and the Choices We Have (2005) MANN, C.E. Australia: Koromiko Publishing.
  • Communicate: HOW to say WHAT needs to be said, WHEN it needs to be said, in the WAY it needs to be said. (2012) Australia: Communicate31.
  • What is Existentialism? (2006) E. Book.MANN, C.E.
  • Would I Follow Me? Enacting Global Change through Collaboration. (2009) Managing Editor and Contributing Author: Australia:
    Koromiko Publishing. (in publication)
  • Strategic Human Resource Development (2005) UK: Butterworth Heinemann. Text that is essential reading for chartered training of HR professionals in the UK.
  • Awakening the Workplace: Achieving Connection, Achievement and Success at Work (2006) Contributing author to Canadian best seller:
  • Seven Ways to Work Effectively with your Clients (2015) MANN, C.E. Australia: Koromiko Publishing – 70 min CD (talking book)
  • Overcoming Stress & Anxiety (2014) 21-part audio program. Australia: Communicate31
  • Ethical Futures: Conversations that Matter. Quarterly Digital Magazine. http://ethicalfuturesmag.com