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Changing your life in 2010

As 2010 approaches, you will no doubt be thinking about how you can made the coming year your Best Year Yet. However, without the proper tools, your intentions will turn to distant memories, leaving you with a sense of disappointment, frustration or cynicism.

Find out how prepared you are to make changes in your life by looking at the language you use every day. Think of s frustrating or difficult situation you were in recently. Reflect on how you describe the people or circumstances involved. When you describe your actions do you use the words ‘I‘ or ‘Me‘ or do you refer to a more generalised sense of what ‘one does‘ by using the words ‘You‘ as if ‘Everyone‘ surely would do this if in your place? Do you refer to another person or people involved as ‘They‘ as if part of a generalised group of people who tend to operate in a stereotypical way – rather than the particular individual’s being unique?

If you are using generalised words and statements to describe yours and other people’s reactions, this is an indication that the tools you are using to solve your problems will not work in creating positive outcomes in your life. Think about this carefully because it can change your life. By generalising things you are in fact relinquishing responsibility for your part in creating whatever happens to you.

Have you ever noticed that whatever challenges or problems you have, YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE? This is because you have a part in creating the situation – often by your choice of how to react to the external world. When you see this, you can change your outlook, your language and your results. That’s how change will come about in 2010.

Good luck.

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